ECG Machine

The electrical impulses and cardiac rhythm of your heart are assessed using an ECG. Sensors attached to your skin are able to detect the electrical impulses that your heart beats forth. A doctor examines these signals using an ECG machine to see whether they are odd after being captured by a machine. In order to identify and track heart-related diseases, an ECG is frequently utilised in conjunction with other procedures. The ECG machine can be used to look into symptoms including chest discomfort, pulses, dizziness, and breathlessness that could indicate a cardiac condition.

12 Channel ECG Machine

This ECG Bionet Machine is an affordable 12-channel interpretive electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) that delivers top-notch performance. It is suitable for usage in hospitals, emergency rooms, or private practices. The ECG Bionet Machine was created with convenience and ease of use in mind. Low-cost maintenance is needed for this equipment. With a reliable ECG interpretation algorithm and 100 ECGs' worth of storage, it is intended to enhance clinical decisions for cardiology. The user manual, patient cable, power cord, and warranty card are all included.


Business Type

Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Trader, Distributor


Medical Use




1500-2000 W


3 Channel ECG Machine

Due to the fact that it has three channels, this 3 Channel ECG Machine prints three waveforms or channels at once. After being selected by the CPU, the ECG impulses are transmitted, processed, and sent to a 3 channel multiplexer in 3 channel machines. This 3 Channel ECG Machine uses a thermal printer to record cardiac signals at a rate of 12.5, 25, and 50 mm/s, and a digital display to show the units. Additional accessories for this piece of equipment include a warranty card, a users manual, a patient cable, and a power cord. 



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