ECG Machine

The electrical impulses and cardiac rhythm of your heart are assessed using an ECG. Sensors attached to your skin are able to detect the electrical impulses that your heart beats forth. A doctor examines these signals using an ECG machine to see whether they are odd after being captured by a machine. In order to identify and track heart-related diseases, an ECG is frequently utilised in conjunction with other procedures. The ECG machine can be used to look into symptoms including chest discomfort, pulses, dizziness, and breathlessness that could indicate a cardiac condition.
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12 Channel ECG Machine

Price: 57000 INR/Piece

* Convenient A4 size print-outs allow for easy chart filing * Copy function allows varied printouts from single patient sample * Grid function allows you to use low cost plain fax paper * One-touch operation (monitoring, recording mode) * Accurate simultaneous 12 channel cardiac data acquisition Over 120 kinds of interpretation results based on advanced Minnesota code High-Quality 12ch interpretive ECG at a 3ch price Free S/W upgrade via USB

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3 Channel ECG Machine

Price: 37000 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:8-10 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:8-10 Days

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