NICU Infant Equipment

Medical Infant Equipment has offered a variety of newborn care items to ensure the safety of infants. This system provides one-touch procedures that make the procedure simple and straightforward. This is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This requires very low maintenance costs.

Phototherapy Equipment

Phototherapy Equipment is a device that is used for medical treatment that uses natural or artificial light to improve a patient's health. The purpose of this equipment is to provide light therapy, used to treat certain illnesses. This is very effective and widely appreciated by our people, in the market.

ECG Machine

ECG Machine can assist diagnose an abnormally rapid or abnormally slow heart rate. This can identify abnormal heartbeats. The electrical impulses are recorded by an ECG to reveal how rapidly the heart is beating, and also the rhythm of the heartbeats. This is very effective and safe to use.

Medical Humidifier

Medical Humidifier helps to enhance moisture in the air which can improve symptoms and may also lessen nasal congestion due to a cold or the flu. This also improves overall patient and staff comfort and virus prevention. It helps to decrease the incidence of respiratory problems in babies.


Non Invasive Ventilation Mask

In patients with acute respiratory failure, a Non-Invasive Ventilation Mask can eliminate the need for endotracheal intubation and improve mortality. It is used to treat both acute and chronic respiratory failure, although careful monitoring and titration are required to assure success and minimize problems.

Medical Flux Meter

Medical Flux Meter detects variations in magnetic flux using a similar coil design. This is made comprised of a pickup coil and an electronic integrator. It is used to measure total magnetic flux of a coil and hence this helps to determine magnetic field. This is very economical to use.


Portable Ventilator

Portable Ventilator when an ICU patient receives ventilator support. A patient is transported to and from the surgery room. Assisting patients with breathing during specific surgeries, is used. Its lightweight design, as well as internal and removable batteries, make it portable for patients on the road.

Medical ICU Ventilator

A medical ICU Ventilator is a device that assists or recreates the breathing process by pushing air into the lungs. In addition, doctors employ this for patients who will be unable to breathe on their own due to anesthesia. This device is very easy to install and simple to use.

Bubble Cpap

Bubble CPAP is a humidified gas source, an interface that links the CPAP circuit to the infant's airway via short nasal prongs, and a tube submerged in a bottle of water. As the gas exits the tube, bubbles form, causing minor airway pressure oscillations. This promotes gas exchange and lung function.

BMC-BiPAP Machine

BMC-BiPAP Machine can assist force air into your lungs if you have problems breathing. You wear a mask or nasal plugs attached to a ventilator. The gadget forces pressured air into your lungs. It is dubbed positive pressure ventilation because the equipment helps expand your lungs with this air pressure.

The oxygen Concentrator captures oxygen from the air around you and filters it into pure oxygen for you to breathe. This does not need to be replenished. The concentrator is powered by electricity and hence provides an infinite supply of oxygen. This is very effective to use.  


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