NICU Infant Equipment

If your baby is premature or ill and needs a little more care, you can easily understand more about the incubators and other medical infant equipment. To guarantee that infants who require more help have the greatest possible environment and ongoing supervision, they are utilised in conjunction with other tools and methods. For their lungs and other key organs to fully develop, preterm babies may require more time. Extremely premature newborns will also require assistance to stay warm and toasty since they won't have had enough time to grow fat beneath the skin. Medical baby equipment will be helpful in these situations.

Duetto Hybrid Incubator Warmer


It has a radiant heat system - uniform across the entire area of the mattress - to care for the new born when access and visualization are needed most. The upper part of the hood is erected over the reflector, securing the side and front access wall. These walls are foldable, making its less necessary to move the patient. The radiant reflector is positioned outside the hood to minimize possibel contamination.

Incubator Mode

It provides patients with a highly stable and uniform microclimate & incorporates innovations that enable the newborn to be treated with minimal handling. Extremely quiet, it has a spacious & ergonomic hood which is double walled to reduce heat loss.
It ensures complete access to patients, while avoiding discomfort & providing the best positioning for the circuits.

Main Features

  • Touch-sensitive Monitor Panel;
  • Conversion buttons between Incubator Mode and Heated Cradle;
  • Pedal for Conversion to Incubator Mode for Heated Cradle;
  • Drawer for Radiographic Chassis;
  • Audiovisual security alarms;
  • External access devices to minimize contact with the patient and the incubator's internal environment;
  • Air and oxygen inlets independent and with filters;
  • Monitor information programmable for several languages;
  • Indication of date, time and trend curves with history;
  • Indication of the proportional power level of the heating element;
  • Retention in memory of the programmed adjustment values  and Alarms;
  • Automatic self-test system; 
  • Scale Integrated to the Bed;
  • Programmable servo-active humidity control system; 
  • Programmable control system for active O2 servo; 
  • Height Adjustable Ergonomic Support;
  • Auxiliary Skin Temperature Sensor - T2; 
  • Material Storage Drawer;
  • Programmable servo control system for temperature and oxygen concentration; 
  • Redundant security system, with automatic heating shutdown in case of high temperature; 
  • Stem for Infusion Pump and Serum Support.


Temperature accuracy

 2 C

Power supply

230V -Single phase - AC




300 x 300 x 300mm (12

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Infant 1085 Warmer

Infant 1085 Warmer 

  • Kangaroo Infant Care Warmer - 1085
  • Excellence in Neonatal Total Care
  • Multiple Accessories that allow wide variety of configurations and features.


  • T-Piece
  • Blender
  • LED Photo-therapy


Modes of Operation


Pre heating mode

Fixed at 30%

Temperature measurement accuracy


Skin probe accuracy

1 C (Range 25 to 45C)

Standalone Infant Radiant Warmer

The Standalone Infant Radiant Warmer helps to control the baby's metabolism and regulate body temperature. Mild steel, which is recognized for its excellent resilience and extended lifespan, is used to make this gadget. This gadget employs technology to gently lower the temperature in order to prevent hyperthermia in the infant. Its primary use is in Nicu, which is available in white and blue. It measures 7 in height and 2.5 in breadth. Operating voltage for this Standalone Infant Radiant Warmer is 700W.

Servo Controllled 

Quartz heater

  • Model Name/Number: nice2000B
  • Brand: Nice NeoTech
  • Operating Voltage: 700W
  • Infant Bed Tilting Angle: 30Warm-Up Time: 10 min
  • Amp; Blue
  • Material: MS
  • Heater Capacity: 650W
  • Height: 7;Width: 2.5;
  • Power: 230V
  • Application: Hospital
  • Number Of Wheels: 4
  • Temp Range Deg Celsius: 34-38
  • Weight Kg: 50 kg
  • Usage/Application: Nicu

Infant Baby Warmer

Infant Baby Warmer 

Medical Baby Bassinet 

  • Model Name/Number: Nice2007 
  • Brand: Nice Neotech
  • Operating Voltage: 700w
  • Infant Bed Tilting Angle: 30
  • Warm-Up Time: 10 Min
  • Amp; 
  • Bluematerial: Ms
  • Heater Capacity: 650w
  • Height: 7&Apos;
  • Width: 2.5 & Apos;
  • Power: 230v
  • Application: Hospital
  • Number Of Wheels: 4
  • Temp Range Deg Celsius: 34-38
  • Weight Kg: 50 Kg
  • Usage/Application: Nicu





1 Year

Heater Power


Nice 2010 BC Infant Radiant Heat Warmer

Bilirubin Meter Bilicare

The Bilirubin Meter Bilicare measures bilirubin levels to generate accurate data by utilizing some technologies. Spectroscopy is the technique behind it. By sending light via the outer ear at various wavelengths, the system assesses the newborn's transcutaneous bilirubin level. An algorithmic calculation is used to determine how much light the bilirubin absorbs. The calibration check procedure is quick, simple, and yields instant results in this Bilirubin Meter Bilicare gadget. It is totally automated and has a digital screen to show the values.

Bilirubin Meter Bilicare 


  • The Next Generation Transcutaneous Bilirubin Meter
  • Simple for the User & Gentle on the Baby.
  • Reduces the need for total blood bilirubin and the number of sticks in the babu's heel, by providing an accurate bedside measurement.
  • Only requires a single measurement per test
  • LED Transmission Technology Reduces User Variances & Maintenance Requirements.
  • Less sensitive to motion artifacts & measurement differences based on user technique.
  • LED's do not deteriorate over time eliminating the requirement for routine device calibration.



50 Hz, 60 Hz


+/- 2%

Sample volume

30-50 Ul

Automation Grade


T-Piece Resuscitator Babypuff

Excellent results in resuscitation treatments are made possible by this T-Piece Resuscitator Babypuff, which uses an external gas supply to work. It contains two straightforward valve systems that parameterize and govern all of the resuscitation device's operations. By carefully inflating the patient's lungs, this T-Piece Resuscitator Babypuff offers good oxygenation with reliable PIP and PEEP management. It is a more advanced gadget with an accurate patient interface system and readings that appear immediately on a mano-vacuum gauge with rapid response. It has a portable ergonomic design and integrated resources for efficient airway management.  

Baby Bassinet Panda

This Baby Bassinet Panda is a pioneer in the trend of humanized care in hospital settings, with a contemporary and ergonomic design that satisfies the most modern needs for accommodation and intra-hospital transit. It has a crib with an elevated headrest made of translucent acrylic bassinet. Additionally, this Infant Bassinet Panda includes storage areas beneath and next to the bassinet for baby care items. It also has bumpers and Casters with brakes. The mattress in this instance is covered with PVC and built of PU foam. 


Business Type

Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Trader, Distributor






Baby Use


Infant Warmer

Infant Warmer

Banking on the knowledge of our adept professionals, we are able to provide an optimum quality collection of Radiant Heat Warmers.

Description :

  • Optional items that allow configurations to the ICU, post-surgery or baby nursery;
  • Three options for screens: LED display, monochrome and color LCD;
  • Three options for bed  electric or manual table and acrylic bassinet;
  • Bypass drawer for X-rays;
  • Optional for gas panel with aspirator and/or resuscitator unit;
  • Two options for coupled phototherapy: Bilitron or Bilitron Bed;
  • Two options for warming: radiant warmer articulate reflector or thermal mattress;
  • Optional kit for transport, which includes thermal mattress and 2-hour batteries;
  • Possibility of coupling


  • Bubble CPAP  Babypap;
  • In-bed scale and pulse oximeter.

Biomed Blender

This Biomed Blender offers exact blending of medical-grade air and oxygen and is a lightweight, portable air-oxygen blender. There are two gas-outlet ports on the Biomed Blender that supply oxygen concentrations. There are two blenders included in this kit: a Low Flow Micro Blender and a High Flow Micro Blender. Both manually using the equipment and digitally using it are both options. This product is acquired from the respected suppliers in the industry with the assistance and cooperation of our skilled purchasing agents. 





Easy To Operate


1yr, 6 Months







Infant Incubator

This infant incubator offers the best setting for a peaceful, natural healing process. The world has now been presented to this powerful incubator that is safer and more effective, has artistic experience, and is simple to use. Additionally, doctors now have greater access to even their smallest patients, increasing their chances of successfully treating them. We can more accurately measure temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration by employing this infant incubator in addition to simulating the maternity environment. This incubator exhibits our commitment to expertise and excellence when used in conjunction with the self-rescue hypoxia feature.  


Temperature range

Ambient +5 C  80 C -2 C

Power supply

230V  Single phase  AC


1360 kg


Orchid 3000 Transport Incubator

This Orchid 3000 Transfer Incubator offers a homogeneous and stable microclimate for the efficient and safe transport of infants in medical facilities, and in ambulances and aircraft. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it offers a variety of optional functions. By delivering dependable care with better features that make it simple to handle a wide range of factors, it aids medical professionals. This Orchid 3000 Transport Incubator treats babies quickly and effectively, and because of its pioneering design, it can hold the temperature for extended periods of time. It gives the user a comfortable experience. 



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