Medical Humidifier

With the use of a medical humidifier, dry air may be avoided, which can irritate many different body regions. The treatment of dry skin, lips, noses, and throats can be very successful when using humidifiers. They also have the ability to lessen some flu and cold symptoms. Skin moisture can evaporate in dry air, which can aggravate respiratory symptoms over time. A humidifier can help solve these issues by introducing moisture to the air. When it is hot outside and there are more allergens in the air in the summer, some people get respiratory issues. The use of a Medical Humidifier might be advantageous now.

Respiratory Humidifier

You can concentrate on the crucial elements of patient care by using this respiratory humidifier since it was designed with ease of use and patient safety in mind. Quick start is made possible by an inventive configuration. The humidifier's connections are completely contained inside a single breathing circuit configuration, allowing for single hand use. The respiratory humidifier is compatible with all widely used mechanical ventilation systems and stream controllers. The user interface is simply visible and gives all the information needed at a glance due to the comfortability. Temperature and moisture settings may be changed with this humidifier.

Fog-2140A Servo Humidifier

  • Heater with sensor cable & adapter Suitable for Adults, Children 
  • Display 2.8" high resolution TFT color screen display
  • Temp. display, Humidity Control
  • One disposable chamber
  • Invasive & Non Invasive Modes

Medical Respiratory Humidifier


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