Medical ICU Ventilator

By helping the lungs take in and expel air, ventilators aid in breathing for patients. Patients with illnesses including pneumonia, brain damage, and stroke are treated with these devices. Pushing or blowing oxygen-rich air into the lungs is the primary function of a ventilator. They need a ventilator until their condition becomes good enough for them to start breathing independently. The device makes sure that carbon dioxide is expelled from the body and that the organism obtains enough oxygen. When some diseases interfere with regular breathing, this is required.
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Air Oxygen Blender Bio-Med

Price: 75000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:2-5 Days
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Turbine Based ICU Ventilator

Price: 600000.00 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:4-7 Days
  • Suitable For:Infant Pediatric & Adult
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Precision Flow Hi-VNI

Price: 500000 INR/Unit

Neonate to Adult Fast Relief of Respiratory Distress in a User friendly system

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High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy

Price: 225000 INR/Piece

ADULT TO NEONATE PATIENT Worlds first IOT enabled H F N C device with remote patient monitoring. RESPIRATORY SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR THE TREATMENT OF ACUTE HYPOXEMIC RESPIRATORY FAILURE (COVID- 1 9PATIENTS) Respiratory support system (NIV) for the treatment of hypoxic patients with 100% humidified and heated oxygen at a flow rate of up to 60 litres per minute. Flow 2-60LPM Humidifier Monitoring SpO2, Pulse Rate O2 Blender Remote Patient Monitoring


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